My favourite coffee man has left my local cafe :( The coffee, service and overall vibe in the place is no good now. Customer service is such an important part of business especially, do what it takes to hire the right people and train them up well! I’ll be looking for a new cafe to work in now. #customerservice #cafe

This is so me! More so when the kids are at childcare!#melbourneweather #rainyday

Thanks for the ‘tell it like it is’ words of wisdom Travis!
I must get this Mother’s Day themed eNewsletter done, I must get this Mother’s Day themed eNewsletter done! Perfectionism, fear and procrastination be gone!! #enewslettertime #clientwork #getitdone

Alarm set at 5:30am.
Training goal = 30km easy run.
Current feeling…Extremely nervous!!
I have not run 30km in a long time, I hope I can make the distance. Sweet dreams everyone! #running #goals #endurance #nervous

Have you made the switch to twitter’s new fancy profile? I like it! Sure it looks a little like facebook but if the new update makes it easier for those who are new to twitter to get their heads around it, GREAT!! #twitter #twitterupdate #ilikeit

Rise and shine! #nofilter #albertpark

I’m convinced that drinking coffee in a warm cafe while listening to the rain outside makes it taste soooooo much better! #coffee #rainyday #albertpark

Nice little Easter touch #yellowdoor :) (at Yellow Door Cafe)

Fact: I handle the marketing for The Leaf Store in Elwood. The store is closed today but if you’re in the area tomorrow, pop in and let me know what you think:) Repost from @theleafstore with @repostapp —- Hope you have a Good Friday! Don’t forget to dig deep for the Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal today. We look forward to
seeing you bright and early tomorrow! #closedtoday #easter #elwood #goodfriday #goodfridayappeal